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  • Fiberglass handle

  • Heat-treated steel

  • .156" thick / 7.5" wide head

  • Comes in a 24", 36" or 42" handle

  • 8mm hardware

  • Stackable

  • Lockable

  • Removable head

BSTphotoshoot Sep 6-0961.jpg

Not every Mcleod is the same, which is why we created the Blaze. We took features that we loved from the Clyde, and created a tool that is great for backsloping and finishing work, with a sharp rounded edge. 

The Blaze Junior takes the Blaze silhouette and makes it smaller. The Junior is the lightweight tool that performs well while doing back sloping work and finishing work in the field. It features a lightweight profile that makes it the perfect tool for volunteer work days when less swinging and trail cutting will be done. 


Brazos Fielder
Trail Builder - Texas

Welcome upgrade from first generation. Burlier, higher collar, blade comes sharpened. We love this tool!


Indispensable on trail dig days!

Wesley Meyer
Member - Evergreen Mountain Bike Alliance

I've been most impressed by the ability to service the Clyde in the field. The fact that we can swap the head or handle of the tool on-site, using replacement hardware that's available locally is a game-changer.


Gone are the days of having to replace an entire tool when it breaks, saving us time in the field and reducing our overall tool expenses.


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